Special Sessions

Special Sessions

The ICSR 2023 Technical Programme will include Special Sessions. Their objective is to complement the regular program with new and/or emerging topics of particular interest.

Organisers of Special Sessions should submit proposals indicating:

  • Title
  • Main organiser and Co-organisers (including their affiliations)
  • Aims and scope
  • Intended Audience
  • Plan to solicit participation
  • List of Topics
  • List of Invited Speakers
  • Previous editions (if any)
  • Special session organisation

Proposals will be evaluated, and organizers will be informed of the outcome. Once accepted, the invited session will be publicized in our ICRS website together with invited session code, so prospective authors can submit.

Papers will undergo the same review process as regular papers.

Proposals shall be submitted to icsr23@qu.edu.qa for review.