Prof. Bruno Siciliano

Prof. of robotics and control at the University of Naples Federico II Past President IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Title: Robotics Meets AI & 5G ― The Future is Now!

Robotics research has advanced in the last two decades through an intensive collaboration with other disciplines and research communities. Multi-disciplinary approaches are more successful in addressing the combined issues of cognition (perception, awareness and mental models), and physical attributes (safety, dependability and dexterity) in the world of robotics. Previously separated from humans behind a fence, the new advanced robots (or cobots) are sharing our workspace and collaborating with us. Increasingly sophisticated built-in sensors enable them to see and feel the presence of humans and avoid accidental contact…

Prof. Abderrahmane Kheddar

Prof Kheddar is a Full Member of the National Academy of Technology of France and a Knight of the National Order of Merits of France

Title: Perspectives and Social Impacts of Humanoids as General Purpose Robots

Humanoid robots (humanoids) are gaining more maturity in terms of hardware and embedded software. Each year we witness substantial improvement of an existing series and the revelation of new platforms. So far, humanoids' developments have been confined to research, and there is still much to do in several specific aspects in order to engage into an innovation pathway toward full industrial or domotic full products. The first revealed applications and business cases of humanoid robots were oriented toward entertainments, domotic assistance for frail persons; the DARPA robotic challenge opened potential applications in rescue and disaster operations...