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Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation

Oral sessions will be held during Dec. 14-15. Each session is composed of up to 5 papers. Each author will have 8-minute presentations followed by a 4-minute Q&A. Unless differently specified, the oral sessions will be held in the Plenary room (ground floor). The presenters will have the possibility to share the presentation in the Plenary Room, uploading their presentation on the common pc. Please make sure to upload all media files required for your presentation. Any necessary video or audio files should be embedded in your PowerPoint file. The plenary room will have a zoom link, and the session chairs will moderate the discussion including both in-person and online attendees.

Virtual presentation

The presenters attending virtually the conference will present their works via zoom videocall, sharing their screens. To avoid any delays in the presentation, we kindly suggest the virtual presenters check the connection stability in advance.