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About Qatar

About Qatar

Qatar is a harmonious blend of traditional authenticity and modern innovation; it's where the desert meet the ocean; a destination where individuals converge to enjoy a unique spectrum of cultural, sports, business, and family entertainment opportunities.

The essence of Qatar

Qatar is a land where antiquity harmoniously coexists with the contemporary. It's a nation whose populace is deeply anchored in their heritage, yet remain forward-thinking, considering Qatar's expanding global influence in commerce, politics, and academia.

The country holds profound respect for its historical lineage - archaeological sites and relics are meticulously unearthed and preserved, either safeguarded on-site or showcased in museums. Qatar's diverse offering ranges from neolithic rock inscriptions, towering modernistic skyscrapers to gentle Dugongs inhabiting its sparkling seas. It's a place where age-old settlements are juxtaposed with world-class museums, dazzling shopping centers, desert escapades, and global sports arenas, all within an arm's reach.

The nation's maritime history still echoes in its enduring veneration for the pristine waters enveloping the peninsula. Fishing continues to be a cherished pastime, and water sports enthusiasts have a myriad of activities to partake in. Whether it's kayaking amidst the Al Thakira mangroves, experiencing the adrenaline rush of a desert safari while marveling at the grandeur of the Inland Sea, or simply unwinding by the beach, Qatar offers visitors the chance to rekindle their bond with nature.

Qatar promises exciting and unique experiences for everyone. It serves as a portal to the past and a sneak peek into the future, all delivered with the renowned Arabian warmth and hospitality.


Qatar, a peninsula on the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, boasts a 563-km coastline and shares a 87-km land border with Saudi Arabia to the south. It's in close proximity to Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran.

Predominantly a flat and arid desert landscape, Qatar experiences a desert climate with perpetual sunshine, scorching summers, and mild winters. Monthly temperatures typically range from a comfortable 17°C in January to a sweltering 36°C in July, often peaking above 40°C during summer. The average yearly rainfall is a meager 70 mm, occurring in short showers between October and March, seldom interrupting outdoor pursuits.