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Final Paper Submission Instruction

Final Version of Your Accepted Paper

ICSR has always brought together the world’s robotics scientists, researchers, students, and key enterprises to share ideas and advances in the field. The ICSR 2023 organizing committee would like to congratulate all the authors for their excellent work.

As we informed you, the ICSR 2023 organizing committee has decided to hold the ICSR on schedule as a traditional in-person conference. Virtual attendance will also be an option for the general audience, who have travel restrictions by their organization or do not feel comfortable participating in large gatherings. We encourage corresponding authors, invited speakers, and workshop organizers to be present in person. For any exceptional cases, please, write an email to icsr23@qu.edu.qa.

  • The corresponding author of the paper must submit the final draft of the paper, on or before the published deadline.
  • Corresponding authors are encouraged to complete a thorough review of the paper before the final submission deadline.
  • This will be the final opportunity to make any changes, adjustments, or acknowledgments. Requests to update, edit, change, or add information to the paper will not be accommodated after the final submission deadline.
  • The final version is expected to correspond in length and contents to your accepted submission, except for parts that might be added or modified to address the reviewers’ comments. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it significantly different than what was reviewed and accepted.
  • The corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a License-to-Publish form, which has been sent by email. Any other version will not be accepted.
  • The corresponding author signing the copyright form should match the corresponding author marked on the paper.
  • Once the files have been sent to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the papers cannot be made.
  • The corresponding author of the paper is expected by the conference to register to attend the conference and present the work to participants of the conference.
  • If the corresponding author is not able to attend the conference, he or she may delegate this responsibility to a co-author.
    • Delegation of this responsibility requires that the corresponding author submit a substitute/Absentee case in advance, by sending an email to icsr23@qu.edu.qa .
  • At least one of the paper authors must register as an “standard registration – in person” in support of the paper, and attend the conference at full registration rate to support the paper.
  • Full registration rates are defined as rates that offer all full access to the conference for the duration of the conference.
  • Student Full rates can support a full paper
  • All fees must be paid in full, including any applicable taxes.
  • Additional Submission Fees
    • Each Author Standard Registration will support up to 1 Accepted Paper
    • Additional submission fees will apply to the second submission
    • No more than two submissions are allowed for one author
  • Over-length Page Charges
    • Full contributed papers that exceed 10 pages in length will be charged an over-length page fee per page count greater than 10.
    • Over-length page fees are applied regardless of page content. For example, a 12-page paper which contains 11 pages of research content and 2 reference pages, is considered a 14-page paper and will incur over-length page charges.
    • The Maximum Page Length is 4 pages inclusive of the reference page.
    • Overlength Paper Charges are specified in the Registration page
  • All fees must be paid in full, including any applicable taxes

ICSR No Shows

  • ICSR enforces a no-show policy. Any paper which is accepted to the conference completes final submission, and is included in the final program must be presented at the conference.
  • The corresponding author is the scheduled presenter of the paper, and is required to present the paper at the scheduled presentation date and time determined by the conference organizing committee.
  • Whereas the corresponding author is required to present the paper, should any circumstances arise where the corresponding author is unable to present the paper at the conference, the corresponding author may delegate the presentation responsibility to one of the listed co-authors of the paper to present the paper in his or her absence.
    • Said substitution of a corresponding author by a co-author must be documented and substantiated in advance, sending an email to icsr23@qu.edu.qa
    • It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to the ICSR organizing team before the scheduled date of the presentation.
    • Undocumented Substitutions will be considered a corresponding author “no show”.

Paper Presentation

Each paper that is accepted to the conference program by the organizing committee and meets the final submission and registration requirements will be required to be presented at the conference as scheduled by the organizing committee. Decisions on the Presentation type assigned to a paper are determined by the conference organizing committee members considering the factors which include, but are not limited to:

  • Conference Editorial Board recommendation
  • Recommendations and suggestions by the paper reviewers
  • Topic and content of the paper
  • Topic Interest
  • Conference delivery resources

Given the size of the conference and the number of papers presented during the conference, the committee is unable to accommodate special requests for presentation types and/or scheduling accommodations. Authors are encouraged to plan attendance for the full conference scheduled as all presentation dates are subject to change with or without notice.

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