ICSR 2023 Robot Design Competition

ICSR 2023 Robot Design Competition

The design and development of various kinds of robots, and their intelligence and behavior have been evolving continuously. The new era of robotics is witnessing the increasing release of new innovative robots with a diverse set of applications. Especially, the past couple of years have provided more recognition to robots and their importance in various domains of life.

– How can social robots be part of our life, enrich our life experience, assist, serve and entertain us?

– Where is the new generation of these social robots heading? What are the innovative societal applications? What impact are they capable of making?

– What are the key enabling technologies that are being improved?

– How do we see greater involvement of such friendly and social robots in education, healthcare, and various other sectors?

– How can social robots support us during and after pandemics? How can they help in ensuring that physical distancing is not leading to social distancing, and even social isolation and loneliness?

If you have a solid idea/working prototype, send your entries to the flagship ICSR 2023 Robot Design Competition. We also encourage cross-disciplinary experts/teams to bring impactful solutions for the betterment of society.
Each submission should have a (maximum) 2-page summary including a concise abstract/synopsis of a maximum of 50 words. Additionally a single link of related video can be included (maximum duration of the video is 3 minutes). Competition chairs, with the help from experts and reviewers, will select the finalists. Each finalist is supposed to present their entry at a dedicated session in the conference, which will be further evaluated by the Jury of peers. Email your submission at icsr23@qu.edu.qa with the subject line starting with: [ICSR 2023 Competition]
Competition Submission: October 13,2023
Competition Notification: October 27, 2023

The following categories will be awarded:

– Category A: Innovation in software, applications, and interaction modalities

– Category B: Innovation in hardware, design, and interfaces

All the submissions will be considered for both categories (software and hardware).

To support the wider exposure of the work, the finalists will also be offered an opportunity to exhibit their entries during the conference (optional). Information about the prizes will be announced soon.